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Stete News/Updates

Aubry Wittington had open heart surgery last week..All is good, she is at home recovering.  Keep her in your prayers for a quick recovery!


Regional Medalist:

Level 10:

Grace Hester: 3ed Bars, 9th Beam ,11th Floor and 8th AA out of 21

!st Alternate for JO Nationals

Ayden Klaire McInnis: 5th Beam and 10th Floor out of 20


Level 8:

Julie Segrove: 3rd Vault, 2nd Bars, 7th Beam and 3rd AA out of 20

Elizabeth Claire Lewman: 9th Beam out of 20

Kendall Edmonson: 7th Bars out of 20

Hannah Potter: 6th Bars and 11th AA out of 21

Aryal Jones: 9th Beam out of 21

Asshahla Garon: 11th Vault out of 21

Ellie Diaz: 7th Bars out of 21


Level 7:

Ava Truong: 8th Vault and 8th Beam out of 21

Anna Reap: 6th Beam out of 21

Zoey Reap: 11th Bars out of 21

Lizzy Janssen: 5th Bars, 9th Floor and 7th AA out of 21

Bella DeFelcicbus: 6th Beam, 9th Floor and 9th AA out of 21

Payten Trahan: 8th Beam and 8th Floor out of 21


Level 6:

Lillian Burke: 10th Vault out of 21



Carilys Torres: 3rd Vault, 9th Bars, 8th Beam, and 7th AA out of 21

Kenzi Edwards: 8th Bars, 1st Beam, and 11th Floor out of 21

Delilah Bell: 11th Bars out of 21

Kaliyah Hutchins: 8th Vault out of 21

Gracie Vogle: 11th Beam out of 21

Emily Ahlers: 6th Beam out of 21



O’Reyell Smith: 11th Vault out of 24

Grace Stewart: 5th Bars and 11th Beam out of 24

Lillie Wallace: 9th Beam out of 24

Mya Sheffer: 11th Bars and 8th Floor out of 24



Kaelyn McKenzie: 10th Vault out of 24

Avery Carter Howarth: 5th Beam out of 24

Ava Cosue: 9th Beam out of 24

Cailyn Culpepper: 4th Bars and 7th Floor out of 24

Ellie Pellizzer: 12th vault and 7th Beam out of 24



Taylor Lane: 1st Vault, 10th Bars and 6th AA out of 24

Riya Malone: 2nd Vault, 10th Beam, 8th Floor, and 11th AA out of 24

Sadie Rose Joachim: 8th Floor out of 24

Brooklyn Wilson: 12th Beam out of 24



Alaina Moore: 7th Floor out of 13

Brooklyn Holton: 3rd Bars and 5th Beam out of 13

Cassidy Williams: 5th Vault and 6th Bars out of 12

Beth Anne gillett: 5th Vault out of 12



Thank you to all MS Regional Team Coaches!  

Information from National Office

As part of our outreach for Child Abuse Prevention Month, the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Department recently conducted a webinar on “How to Talk About Child Sexual Abuse Prevention,” which is available in the webinar archive.  I have included a link to the webinar because it provides some of the guidance you and your professional members have requested for addressing safe sport issues.   I also encourage you to share with the professional members in your states and regions. And, as always, please contact Toby Stark, our director of safe sport, if you have any questions.  We appreciate your time and dedication to our athlete’s safety and well-being.



    Cynthia Dedeaux

    Cynthia Dedeaux

    State Chairman

    Phone: 228-493-8514